The Leadership Lebanon-Marion County Program

Leadership Lebanon-Marion County began in 1987 as a result of local business leaders recognizing the importance of identifying and bringing together those individuals who would one day hold key leadership positions in the community. Since that time over 500 community minded citizens have participated in Leadership Lebanon-Marion County, representing over 100 businesses or industries. Regardless of whether you are new to the community or have lived here your entire life, Leadership Lebanon-Marion County will introduce you to the places and people who make Marion County work.  Please call the Chamber of Commerce for additional information.

The Leadership Program

The program is divided into sessions typically lasting one day per month. At each session class members begin each day with a speaker providing a broad overview of the day’s topic. From there class members proceed to individual businesses, industries or government offices to speak with key management personnel about their role in moving Marion County forward. While each day will focus on a particular theme, each theme will interconnect.

Typical Schedule

Meet & Greet- Late August

Retreat- Early September

Agriculture Day

Education Day

Medical & Media Day

Government & Justice Day

Industrial Day

Retail & Finance Day

Tourism & Recreation Day

Leadership Graduation Ceremony- Late May

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of Leadership Lebanon-Marion County?

To develop class members leadership potential by improving awareness of those who make Marion County work.

What is the time commitment for participation?

One day for orientation and team building (mandatory) and then typically one day per month September-May.

What are the program costs?

Tuition for Leadership Lebanon-Marion County is $275 billed prior to the beginning of your session. Check with your employer. Many will provide scholarships for their employees.

What does Leadership Lebanon-Marion County do for the community?

Typically each class picks an organization or event to volunteer and provide special assistance or local charity to raise funds to donate. Examples include the Backpack Program, Food Pantry, Marion County Education Foundation, Kentucky Classic Arts and Graham Memorial Park.

Leadership Development for Marion County’s Next Generation

The goal of Leadership Lebanon-Marion County is to provide each student with a better understanding of the relationship between, small and large businesses, government, and the community as well as the individuals that make up our community. Understanding and strengthening these relationships will ultimately expand class members’ opportunities while improving the quality of life for all in Marion County.

Applications for the Class of 2022-23 are being accepted through August 12, 2022

Please email your application to Autria Calhoun ([email protected]) or Racyael Lynch ([email protected])

Click here to download an Application